Sales Executive Apprenticeship

Discovery’s Level 4 Sales Executive apprenticeship will supercharge your sales team in just 15 months.

Sales is at the heart of every organisation, without it, there is no revenue or growth. In a department that is so crucial for business success, investing in your people and helping them to be the best they can be is a no-brainer.

Companies are experiencing challenging market conditions and fierce competition – in these situations, it can be hard to differentiate your business & products from your competitors. Many organisations are experiencing challenges that can be improved by developing your team, including…

Margin squeeze, Missed sales targets, Few opportunities, Losing customers, Employee disengagement, Low productivity, High employee attrition, Difficulty in recruiting

If you’re looking to revolutionise your sales approach, why not use apprenticeships? Whether you’re using your apprenticeship levy or you’re an SME using a government top up, Discovery’s Level 4 Sales Executive apprenticeship helps your sales people to become sales superstars.

The sales cycle - Prospecting, Making contact, Qualifying, Nurturing, Presenting solution, Handling objections, Closing the sale, Asking for referrals.

Our programme is far from traditional apprenticeship programmes; we cover three core areas: knowledge, skills & behaviour – a crucial blend that all sales people need to balance. Across the three areas, your employees will understand how to be more effective, productive & commercially aware across the entire sales cycle; whether it’s qualifying opportunities, overcoming objections, cross-selling or closing the deal.

In line with the standard, our programme will help your sales employees to “develop customer relationships by establishing rapport and building trust and confidence in their own and their organisation’s capabilities through demonstration of detailed product knowledge, competitor knowledge and an understanding of the market in which they operate, and by ensuring a positive customer experience.”

We use blended learning to provide learners with a career-defining experience. To facilitate this, the programme is made up of:

  •  1 induction day
  • 8 days of training (including experiential & classroom)
  • 2 refresher days
  • 2 support visits
  • On-going online learning, webinars & support

During this time, we don’t just tell delegates how to sell; throughout Discovery’s 15-month programme, we take learners on a journey of self-awareness, using blended learning to explore the knowledge, skills and behaviours they need to become a well-rounded sales person.

Discovery group presentation training task

Our blended-learning approach includes…

✔  Classroom sessions
✔  Webinars
✔  Coaching
✔  Business simulations
✔  Business leader insights
✔  Experiential activities
✔  Learning in action
✔  Evidenced behaviour

✔  Working on live projects

✔  Presenting to a panel
✔  Giving & receiving feedback

Alongside some of the common methods of training, the real standouts in our programme are:

Insights from business leaders

When you’re on a training course, sometimes you need to see where you could end up. Bringing in business leaders to talk about sales helps learners to understand how this training fits into and will shape their career journey. It also helps learners to focus on embedding their learnings to their specific role.

Learning in action through real-world business simulations

A bit like the TV show, The Apprentice, we put learners through their paces in simulations relating to their day-to-day role. Learners come away with huge insights into their capability, what they would do differently next time & how they can apply this back in their role.

Evidenced Behaviour

Just telling people how to sell doesn’t work – sales people need to adapt depending on circumstances. The biggest barrier to this? Sales representatives not understanding their own behaviour and how this is perceived by other people. After all, it’s people who make the sales; what works for one customer may not be the same for the other.

Our programme is designed to draw out the core behaviours in your sales people, so we can help them to gain this awareness and adapt for different customers.

Discovery’s Sales Executive programme is designed to provide sales people with the fundamental sales skills, knowledge and behaviours they need to master selling…


Outcomes of this approach include:

 Better commercial awareness
 Long-term partnerships
 Fewer lost opportunities
 Better customer experience
 Better retention rates
 Reduced costs
 Lower attrition levels
Employer Benefits - More productive team, Fast-track development, Allows team to become adaptable, More commercial decisions, Long-term customer relationships, Increased ROI for your team. Learner benefits - Gives the ability to hit targets, Helps to adapt selling styles, Supports career development & progression, Develop yourself as an Ambassador, Certification from APS, Being invested in by employer.

Apprenticeship details

Duration: 15 months from start to the End Point Assessment

Designed for: The Apprenticeship is designed for people who sell as a main part of their role, with responsibilities including: planning their sales activities, leading the end-to-end sales interaction with the customer and managing their sales internally within their organisation.

Whether your employees are new to selling or have experience and need to build upon their current skills, the programme will stretch them and enhance their approach to selling.

Entry requirements: Learners need to have or be willing to work towards L2 English & Maths. There are also, restrictions based on learners’ residence status in the EEA/UK. To ensure learners get the most from the programme, we also suggest they have been in the organisation/role for 6 months prior to the programme’s first module.

Professional recognition: Achievement of the standard meets the eligibility requirements for Sales Certification at Level 4 with the Association of Professional Sales (APS).

Working with apprentices: To find out more details about the measures Discovery has put in place for working with apprentices (including safeguarding, prevent, etc.), please view our policies & procedures.

Supercharge your sales team to become sales superstars