Mid and Senior Recruitment

Finding the linch pins of your business

Mid & Senior level hires are a critical element for your business.

Without the right people in place, day-to-day delivery is impacted, there are high levels of attrition & you’ll be missing critical areas of expertise.

reduce attrition

It’s often said that people leave their manager, not the company. Embed the right hires that support & develop their team.

deliver for your customers

An employee with the right experience is often a critical hire to ensure you can deliver for your customers today.


Find effective mid-level hires who can bring together strategy and the day-to-day implementation.


Businesses don’t stand still: hire the people who will secure a positive future for your business and face challenges head on.

Get a better workforce in 3 steps…

brief us

Schedule a briefing call so we can understand your requirements.

make your SELECTION

We find you great people. Observe them in action as we guide you through a rigorous and bespoke assessment process and you make your selection.

welcome your new hires

On-board your new recruits to drive your business forward.

Get to the core of your candidates


Getting it wrong at this level can be costly – reduce the risk by seeing how candidates perform first-hand, in the areas that matter most to you.

The right fit

A mid-level hire is the linch pin of your organisation; ensure you find the right fit for your business, workforce and goals.

The right skills

There isn’t ‘one type’ of mid-level hire – find candidates with the skills you require for your business, whether that’s a more technical person, or a people manager.

Identify behaviours

Identify leaders with behaviours that are congruent with your business & can inspire others.

Identify capability

Find the right people who will hit the ground running & will contribute to your business’ success.


Gain confidence that your hire will align with your business’ strategy and future goals, and be able to bring their team along with them.

Are you ready to improve your workforce?

The Discovery ‘Way’

Use a joined up approach through Diagnostics, Recruitment & Training to build a better workforce.


Before taking action, take the time to understand how you need to build your workforce to reach your business’ goals and reduce wasted spends.


Get the right people in your business with the behaviours, stretch and capability that will ensure your business succeeds.


Business doesn’t stand still: develop your employees to increase their capability, prepare them for future roles & future-proof your workforce.

Discovery Recruit Train Diagnose