Managers OPEN Programme

Discovery’s Managers OPEN Programme will help them become effective leaders in your business; giving them the knowledge, skills and behavioural-awareness to drive your business forward. The programme is beneficial to a diverse scope of managers including first-time managers who have been in the role for a while; experienced managers who would benefit from having fresh insights into management; or managers who have a particularly challenging team or need to implement change within their team.

 “The OPEN Programme for Managers was quite simply an excellent experience for me. As a new manager, I took away a clearer understanding of the role of leadership in my business and learned and practiced several approaches that I could implement straight away to motivate my team and improve their performance. I would highly recommend this programme to any manager looking to become a highly effective leader.”

- Natalie Heatherglen, Thermoforming Manager, Brett Martin Daylight Systems

About the programme

In the UK there are 2.4m untrained managers; this can have huge impact on the business. The OPEN Programme for managers will help delegates to become highly effective leaders by understanding:

The difference between behaviour, personality and communication styles, and what their prominent style is.

The uniqueness of individuals in their teams and why different styles are needed for different people.

Emotional Intelligence and how this affects self, and the personal impact on others.

The differences between Leadership and Management and why the distinction is important to establish a high-performance culture.

The necessary tools and techniques to start the behaviour change journey.

How to establish the “Intention” culture which promotes ownership, responsibility and accountability.

The difference between performance management and person management.

The differences between coaching and mentoring and when to use each approach.

We use experiential interventions and classroom sessions, a neurobiological behavioural profiling tool, Parallax, and peer-to-peer learning to provide delegates with the relevant tools, knowledge and experiences to become effective and commercially astute leaders. One of the biggest outcomes of the tools we use is helping delegates to understand themselves and those they manage more clearly by exploring different behaviours, beliefs and learning styles and how these differences can manifest within your business.

Qualification and funding options

Our core programme, consisting of an induction session, four experiential modules, and on-going coaching and support visits, will also incorporate different elements and requirements between modules depending on the funding chosen.


Apprenticeship levy- funded programme

Apprenticeship qualification

By using your apprenticeship levy for the OPEN Programme, your employees will complete a Level 5 Operations/Departmental Manager Apprenticeship . In order to successfully complete the apprenticeship, there is a requirement for 20% of the working week to be spent on work-based learning, equivalent to one working day, for the duration of the apprenticeship.

Additional ILM Diploma

Alongside completing the work to obtain an apprenticeship, delegates have the option to complete an ILM qualification in Leadership & Management. Much of the work undertaken as part of the apprenticeship will form the requirements for achieving this, and the additional work and the additional work can contribute towards their 20% work-based learning. This great opportunity allows your employees to obtain an ILM qualification in Leadership & Management. This qualification incurs additional costs.

The OPEN Programme for SMEs and non-apprenticeship levy paying employers

Developing Future Leaders certificate

The OPEN Programme for Managers, which is available to organisations regardless of size, gives your delegates the opportunity to obtain a Level 5 ILM Development Programme certificate for completing “The Discovery OPEN Programme – Developing Future Leaders”. This funding option doesn’t require delegates to spend 20% of their working week on work-based learning, but will require some work to be completed between modules. This qualification incurs additional costs.

March 2020 cohort – key dates

Induction Day: Wednesday 11th March 2020

Module 1: Wednesday 22nd-Friday 24th April 2020

Module 2: Wednesday 16th-Friday 18th September 2020

Module 3: Wednesday 13th-Friday 15th January 2021

Module 4: Wednesday 14th-Friday 16th April 2021

September 2020 cohort – key dates

Induction Day: Wednesday 2nd September 2020

Module 1: Wednesday 14th-Friday 16th October 2020

Module 2: Wednesday 24th-Friday 26th February 2021

Module 3: Wednesday 23rd-Friday 25th June 2021

Module 4: Wednesday 20th-Friday 22nd October 2021

To reserve a place on the programme, or to find out more information, please get in touch below.