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An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

Thursday 4th March | 12:00 | Duration 15 minutes

Delivered by Nick Jerome, Discovery Associate – L&D Facilitator & Coach

Emotional intelligence is a vital consideration in the workplace. Nick Jerome, will help you to understand the basics of Emotional Intelligence, and the huge benefits that come with having a high Emotional Intelligence.

Graduate Recruitment & Development in a virtual world

Thursday 11th March | 12:00 | Duration 15 minutes

Delivered by Sarah Evans, Commercial Director

With a focus on continuing to recruit your future superstars, Sarah Evans will be sharing key tips that can help to build a robust virtual recruitment, selection and development process.

Recruit the right graduates for your business

Wednesday 17th March | 12:00 | Duration 15 minutes

Delivered by Andy Brookes, Business Development Manager

In a bid to secure top graduate talent, it is important to ensure that you don’t just recruit the best talent, but recruit the best talent for your business! Understand the key elements of a robust recruitment strategy that can help to identify who is the best fit for your business.

Maximise ROI from your graduates

Wednesday 24th March | 13:00 | Duration 15 minutes

Delivered by Andy Brookes, Business Development Manager

Individuals in the early stages of their career can bring immense value to a business. Explore how they can be embedded and supported to thrive within your business, and the benefits of doing so.

Protecting our future leaders

Wednesday 31st March | 12:00 | Duration 45 minutes

Delivered by Jonathan Evans, CEO

We have spent years encouraging our children to work hard, study and go to university in order to enjoy successful and fulfilling careers. Yet, in light of the current pandemic, we run the risk of our future leaders becoming a lost generation.

As business owners and leaders, Jonathan believes that we have a responsibility and obligation to ensure that this does not happen. Throughout this webinar Jonathan will explore why he believes this to be the case and steps we can take to fulfil this responsibility.