The OPEN Programme

Discovery’s OPEN Programme is the best way to accelerate individual development and prepare employees to become your future leaders. The programme develops the skills, knowledge and behaviours of delegates through experiential modules, job-related activities, coaching and feedback. Delegates also carry out structured reflection on their role and study independently online.

“The Discovery OPEN Programme is a remarkable offering, one that I believe will make a huge difference to the development, future progression and retention of the individuals attending.”

Jo Shields, Sigma Manager, BAE Systems

About the OPEN Programme

At its core, a successful training programme helps delegates to make behavioural changes, and embed and apply their learnings in a work-based context.

We have built this programme to provide the most impactful learning for delegates by combining a focus on  behaviour and experiential modules. As experts in behaviour, we understand that making behavioural change isn’t easy, but it’s also critical to a delegate’s future success. Throughout the programme we work with delegates to increase their behavioural awareness; it’s only by recognising your current behavioural patterns that you can identify areas for change or development.

Experiential intervention photo - leadership & management

Our use of experiential modules (as opposed to classroom-based learning) enables delegates to experience ‘learning in action’. This provides a safe environment so delegates have the opportunity to stretch themselves in real-world scenarios, whilst also ensuring there isn’t an impact on your business. Ultimately, they are designed to be challenging, exciting, memorable and results-driven. Combining a focus on behaviour with experiential modules provides delegates with clear examples of their behaviour in scenarios that are simulated to reflect real work situations, for example a pressurised situation. The feedback provided by our trainers and their peers will provide delegates with career-defining insights into their strengths and development areas.

The programme will take place over the course of 12-15 months, and consists of an induction session, 4 experiential modules, and on-going coaching and support visits. Alongside the experiential modules, we also use business coaching, work-based learning and real-world projects to fast-track delegates’ development back in your business.

Outcomes of the programme

Organisational Performance

Increasing effectiveness to deliver results through:

  • Operational Management
  • Project Management
  • Finance

Personal Effectiveness

Increasing personal productivity by improving:

  • Self-awareness
  • Managing of self
  • Decision making

Interpersonal Excellence

Effectively managing people and developing relationships including:

  • Leading people
  • Managing people
  • Building relationships
  • Communication

Behavioural Impact

Understanding the perception of behaviours and how to:

  • Take responsibility
  • Be inclusive
  • Increase agility
  • Demonstrate professionalism

We have designed programmes to address two specific, pivotal stages in a career:

Early careers

This programme enables your early career talent to become self-aware, better motivated, more productive and fully equipped to become a genuine asset to your organisation. We don’t just provide a training course; delegates go on a journey of self-awareness, providing them with the skills and behaviours that form a solid foundation for a successful career.

Our programme offers two different funding options, including funding through the Apprenticeship Levy.

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Mid-career manager

This programme is structured to deliver leaders ready to empower those around them to drive in the right direction and achieve your business goals. We don’t just ‘tell’ delegates what ‘makes a good manager’; we take them on a journey of self-awareness, providing them with effective management tools and business-critical skills.

Our programme offers two different funding options, including funding through the Apprenticeship Levy.

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