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The Sales Executive Programme

Sales is at the heart of every organisation. In a changing landscape, the way businesses sell is having to evolve, and sales people are having to work faster, smarter and in new ways.

Those working in sales must understand the importance of (and be accountable for) changing the way the world sees ‘sales’. Breaking away from traditional methods, they must move towards consultative, value-adding sales methods that truly meet customers’ needs and embody the principles of ‘professional selling’.

As part of their commitment to your future, RS Components are offering you the chance to enrol on Discovery’s Sales Executive Programme.

This webinar is designed to give you some insight into:

What the programme is about

How it will benefit your personal and professional development

How learning will be facilitated virtually during these uncertain times

Answer any questions you may have!

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The course was great, not death by Powerpoint like other training often is. If you enjoy learning and feeling that you’re growing and developing, this course will be for you. It builds confidence in what can be stressful situations and areas where you lack knowledge around commercial acumen.

Thomas Adams
National Implementation Manager (VAS)

Whilst most elements of the course forms part of my role and regular activity, this is often in an isolated way. By bringing all of the elements together, it makes it very clear how they all interact and that I need to embed the learnings collectively if I’m to achieve my goal of being “Best in Class”.

Derry Jewell
National Account Manager

Overview of the programme

In challenging market conditions and with fierce competition, your sales skills are critical to setting your business apart from your competitors.

The Sales Executive Programme will give you the opportunity to hone and practice your selling skills. Whether you are looking to revisit and sharpen the skills you have accumulated over many years or you’re relatively new to selling, the programme will provide you with invaluable experiences and insights.

The Level 4 Sales Executive apprenticeship is designed to explore the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to excel as a sales person. Covering all aspects of the sales cycle, this programme will enhance your capability in key areas such as understanding your customer & the markets in which you operate, competitor insight, building trust, negotiation and presentation skills.

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The sales cycle

Across the duration of the course, you will experience:

A group induction to on-board you to the programme
Blended learning through virtual, experiential & classroom sessions
Taking part in real-world scenarios and business simulations
1-2-1 support and coaching throughout the programme
Self-development through online learning and webinars
Building upon your learnings back in the workplace