The OPEN Programme for Graduates

Are you looking to optimise the value of your Graduates? Discovery’s Graduate OPEN Programme is the best way to accelerate individual development. It’s a programme for Graduates to develop their soft and business skills through ongoing, hands-on learning. Business coaching, coursework and real-world projects add tremendous value to both their development, and your company, in the form of business improvement. Do more for your business by bringing out the greatness in your graduates. 

“The Discovery Graduates OPEN Programme is a remarkable offering, one that I believe will make a huge difference to the development, future progression and retention of the individuals attending.

In such a competitive marketplace, this could make all the difference to the success of an organisation’s graduate programme.”

What makes our process different?

The step between University and the working world is a big one; the Graduate OPEN Programme is designed to bridge the gap between academic life and the workplace. Approved by the ILM (Level 3), the Discovery OPEN Programme will enable your graduates to become self-aware, better motivated, more productive and fully equipped to become a genuine asset to your organisation.

The Discovery OPEN Programme for Graduates doesn’t just provide a training course; our delegates develop their skills and behaviours throughout the 18-month experiential programme through business challenges, coaching and ongoing coursework.

During three residential modules, delegates will take part in experiential learning and group activities designed to relate back to real-world business scenarios.

This is combined with classroom learning to help graduates understand themselves and others more clearly – this includes exploring different behaviours, beliefs and learning styles, and how these differences can manifest within your business.

Combined with Discovery’s neuroscience expertise and the use of Parallax within the programme, we help your graduates become an even greater asset for your organisation.

All of this is enshrouded with on-going coaching and support for both your graduate and their manager for the duration of the programme.

Graduates who have completed the OPEN Programme are:

  • More self-aware
  • More motivated
  • More productive
  • More resilient
  • Better equipped to deal with real business situations
  • More likely to stay with your organisation

Will the Graduate OPEN Programme Work for My Organisation?

The Graduate OPEN Programme is beneficial to any organisation looking to future-proof their business through early talent. The Discovery process can be particularly useful for businesses that want to:

  1. Create a talent pipeline to aid succession planning
  2. Reduce the risk around skills gaps
  3. Grow their own talent and future leaders
  4. Prepare graduates for the working world
  5. Hire graduates, but don’t have an in-house development programme

The Discovery OPEN Programme: accelerate Graduate performance

The Discovery OPEN Programme not only aids the retention of graduates within your business, it also provides key stakeholders with the opportunity to access this new talent.

One of the real-life experiences in the programme is a community and business-led project; this provides your graduates with the opportunity to improve your business and add tremendous value, as well as aiding their development.

We recognise a training course alone is not the answer to successful graduate recruitment and development.

How your graduate uses these skills back in your business is also key, which is why we provide on-going coaching and support to delegates and their line managers for the duration of the programme. This is absolutely fundamental to accelerated individual development.

January 2019 cohort - key dates

Induction Day: 16th January 2019

Module 1: Monday 28th January – Wednesday 30th January 2019

Module 2: Monday 29th April – Wednesday 1st May 2019

Module 3: Monday 15th July – Wednesday 17th July 2019

Module 4: Monday 14th October – Wednesday 16th October 2019