Commercial Acumen Training

Are your team commercially savvy? Do they know how their decisions impact profits? Commercial Acumen Training provides your team with the knowledge, skills and tools to make every decision a commercial decision.

This is certainly the best training I have been on and trust me throughout my working life I have been on many courses!

It was not easy, but the end result was huge

What is Commercial Acumen Training?

Commercial Acumen Training is a three-day course that helps your team to understand commercial concepts and the impact non-commercial decisions can have on a business and its customers. Discovery put delegates in real-world business scenarios to give them the hands-on experience of making decisions, in a ‘safe’ environment where any mistakes don’t have a wider business impact.

How does Commercial Acumen Training work?

Discovery Commercial Acumen Training is not a typical ‘off-the-shelf’ course – every delegate goes through a bespoke learning programme that is tailored to your business:

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Step 1: Research

Discovery undertake a diagnosis session to understand your organisation’s specifics and gather the relevant information around current methods used (e.g. current contract profitability methods; reviewing some of the business planning in place; spending time in the field with the sales people).

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Step 2: Programme Design

The training module content is developed around the required learning subject matter; designing or identifying appropriate experiential learning activities; designing workbooks (including any e-learning materials).

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Stage 3: Experiential Training

Rollout of the training. Our experience aligns with industry best practice, which suggests no more than 12 to 15 delegates per cohort (unless an additional trainer is engaged). This is a 3-day residential course that’s held off-site, so delegates learn in a ‘Chatham House Rules’ environment without any distractions of the ‘day job’.

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Stage 4: Refresher Workshops & Seminars

A series of single day events staged after the training modules. Delegates review some of the tools, techniques and practices that were delivered during the training module in-line with the real-life scenarios that they have encountered since the training, further enhancing their aptitude and identifying any further development needs.

Will Commercial Acumen Training work for my organisation?

Commercial Acumen training  places delegates in real-world business scenarios; we tailor activities and learnings to the level and areas of commercial proficiency required for employees’ seniority and role.  Discovery will help sharpen the commercial nous of key stakeholders, seasoned sales people or early talent, as it is always tailored to the needs of your organisation and the career stage of delegates.

Commercial Acumen Training is particularly beneficial to organisations that are:

  1. Introducing commercial concepts to fresh graduates and early talent to facilitate their transition from theoretical study to practical application.
  2. Looking to remove margin erosion and increase profits through winning, growing and sustaining accounts for the benefit of the customer
  3. Looking to resolve under performance in sales by creating commercial conversations with customers
  4. Transformation from a transactional sales approach to one of value proposition.

What will this programme help you solve?

Reliance on discounts to gain or sustain business

This programme uses real-world scenarios to demonstrate the impact on the wider business caused by consistently discounting products or services.


Eroding margins

We help your sales people to understand the importance of maintaining margins and give them the tools to help customers recognise the value of products/services.


Retaining accounts based on historical pricing

Retaining customers is an important part of business growth, but a sales person’s desire to retain a long-term client can cause them to become a low-profit account. We will provide your sales team with the exposure and experience to avoid this situation, and keep your accounts growing as your business does.


Lack of commercial experience

Bringing fresh talent into your business has many benefits, but commercial acumen often comes with experience. Our training gives undeveloped talent exposure to real-life scenarios so they can develop their commerciality in a safe environment.


The fear of walking away

Sales people are driven by making sales, but this can lead to making un-profitable decisions. We will help your sales team to understand that making a sale isn’t always the best result, and sometimes the best thing to do is walk away.


Highly transactional sales

Transactional sales can result in missed opportunities and damaged relationships with customers. We will help your team understand how to add value to your customers by helping them to achieve their goals in the most efficient and effective way.

Commercial Acumen Training: Optimise your commercial functions

By using Discovery’s Commercial Acumen Training programme, teams or entire businesses benefit from an increase in commercial thinking. This will give you a higher return on investment for your workforce’s activity and will assist business growth. After the three-day course, refresher sessions and e-Learning tools are available to continue embedding the training and learnings, and continue to positively impact on your business.

Improve your results and reap the rewards of a commercially astute workforce.