Talent Labs Workforce Diagnostics

Looking for an objective, evidence-based approach to diagnose areas for performance improvement in your workforce or team? Talent Labs are a unique ‘MOT’ that uncovers the strengths & development opportunities of individuals, both when working individually and as a member of a team. The outcome? Engaged team members and a roadmap for your organisation to improve results. Talent Labs: a great way to establish a common agreement on the areas for workforce improvement, and how best to address them.

“The Talent Lab process has been invaluable in providing clarity around defined benchmarks and standards. Observing skills and behaviours throughout the development centres has provided fairness, consistency and integrity in the assessment and feedback. This process has helped us to form rich and compelling data, around which a number of relevant learning and development interventions (in varying forms) will be designed and delivered.”

Mike England, President EMEA RS Components

How do Talent Labs work?

Benchmark icon

Step 1: Creating World Class Benchmarks

Benchmarking the role to establish core criteria (what good looks like).

We work with your key stakeholders to establish the core criteria for business improvement in line with your business strategy and what optimum performance looks like for individual roles.

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Step 2: Engagement

The Engagement Session is an important part of the process designed to stimulate delegates to consider how good they currently are and provide awareness of their potential areas of improvement. This ‘eureka’ moment provides the motivation towards ‘willing participation’ for the Talent Lab MOT.

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Step 3: The Talent Centre

Your team’s MOT: delegates spend time completing role-specific experiential interventions that identify their strengths and potential development areas. Assessors mark delegates against the criteria we have agreed based on the benchmark.

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Step 4: Dynamic Feedback – Bringing it all together

Discovery demonstrates what good looks like for each intervention and provides delegates with individual feedback. This is a facilitated session where we:

  • Explain the science behind the Talent Lab process
  • Demonstrate what ‘good’ looked like for each exercise in relation to your business
  • Provide the delegates with their individual feedback (and time to review it)
  • Discuss individual aspects of the process and behaviour with the group
  • Gain commitment from the delegates to self-develop

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Step 5: Take Action

Establish the actions to be taken to drive your company forward – this could be implementing training and development programmes, recruitment for specific roles or coaching for key individuals.

Will a Talent Lab work for my organisation?

Talent Labs are for any organisation that is looking to improve results through their people. They are particularly useful for businesses that are:

  1. Going through turnaround or transformation
  2. Looking to improve department performance
  3. Looking to increase operational efficiency
  4. Looking to acquire a business and need to identify a team to run it
  5. Looking to launch a project and need to identify the right people for it

Talent Labs: Benchmark, Engage, Improve

Talent Labs are outsourced and are, therefore, completely objective and without bias; this is often difficult to achieve if such diagnostic activity is undertaken in-house. Delegates benefit from going on a journey of self-awareness and positive learning, as opposed to their manager telling them they are not up to scratch.

By using Talent Labs, teams or entire businesses share a common understanding of how self-improvement can lead to overall improvement. This shift in mind-set leads to much better engagement and return on investment for recruitment and development budgets.

Re-imagine your workforce by discovering their true potential today.