The OPEN Programme for Managers

Help your managers become effective leaders in your business. Discovery’s OPEN Programme for Managers will give them the knowledge, skills and behavioural-awareness to drive your business forward.

“The OPEN Programme for Managers was quite simply an excellent experience for me. As a new manager, I took away a clearer understanding of the role of leadership in my business and learned and practiced several approaches that I could implement straight away to motivate my team and improve their performance.

I would highly recommend this programme to any manager looking to become a highly effective leader.”

Brett Martin Daylight Systems

What makes our process different?

The Discovery OPEN Programme is structured to deliver leaders ready to empower those around them to drive in the right direction and achieve your business goals. We don’t just ‘tell’ delegates what ‘makes a good manager’; we take them on a journey of self-awareness, providing them with effective management tools and impart business-critical skills.

We use experiential interventions and classroom sessions, a neurobiological behavioural profiling tool, Parallax (that is unique to Discovery) and peer-to-peer learning to give delegates relevant tools, knowledge and experiences.

In doing so, the programme encourages delegates to start thinking strategically so they can become the commercially astute leaders your organisation needs.

Will the OPEN Programme for Managers work in my organisation?

The OPEN Programme for Managers is beneficial for any manager, both first time managers or those with years of experience will find it an eye-opening process. The programme is particularly useful for organisations looking to:

  1. Grow their business
  2. Help their managers to be more effective leaders by changing behaviour
  3. Increase the retention of their workforce
  4. Develop the commercial skills of their managers
  5. Increase business performance

The Discovery OPEN Programme for Managers: Upskill your leaders

The Discovery Open Programme has four modules, taking place across 12 months. Delegates will take part in experiential activities and classroom learning, which will help them to understand themselves and those they manage more clearly. This includes exploring different behaviours, beliefs and learning styles, and how these differences can manifest within your business.

Combined with Discovery’s neuroscience expertise and the use of our unique Parallax profiling tool within the programme, we help your managers change their behaviour to become more effective leaders in your organisation.

We recognise a training course alone is not the answer to successfully developing your managers. How delegates use these skills back in your business is also key, which is why we provide on-going coaching and support to all our delegates and their line managers for the duration of the programme.

We continue to support your delegates back in their workplace through coaching support sessions which we believe is absolutely fundamental to accelerated individual development.