Building Effective Teams

How much improvement could you gain through building more effective teams in your business? Better performing teams lead to higher profit, increased productivity and greater efficiencies. Using ‘The Discovery Way’ enables us to determine both the core purpose of the team and the behaviours required to perform effectively. The outcome? Collaborative performance improvement & individual performance improvement.

Why use Discovery?

People are at the heart of ‘teams’ and any business with more than one person is likely to have some form of ‘team issue’. The question is: how much better could the team actually be? – by better, think “profitable, productive, efficient & effective”.

Discovery develops current team members to improve their performance (individual and collaborative) for the good of the team and, when necessary, bring new people into a team with the skills and capabilities that have been identified as missing. A fully collaborative team will lead to improvements in:
• Culture - people enjoy the workplace and being in the team & feel fulfilled.
• Staff retention - keep hold of your key players.
• Staff engagement - people believe in the objectives and see how they contribute.
• Customer retention – retaining custom is significantly cheaper than acquiring new customers.
• Sustainability - we treat the cause, not the symptoms which means firm foundations in the team.
• Commercial thinking in team members – understanding the impact of doing or not doing.
• Holistic as well and specific development – looking beyond technical ability to create well-rounded people.
This all leads to bottom line improvements such as increased productivity, profitability, growth and welfare.
Discovery assesses a team’s current performance based on their ability to perform, and not just through metrics such as KPIs or individual targets.

What is involved in building an effective team?

Discovery look at the core purpose of the team and the behaviours that are being demonstrated by team members. Behaviours will predict performance – essentially the habits that people have.

This requires a deep understanding of areas such as:

The challenges and limitations

of the existing team.

Identifying the root cause of those problems

(treat the cause not the problem).

What the business means by “team” and

what is expected of that team.

The purpose of the team and how

it fits into the wider business objectives.

What a high performing team would look

like for your business (and why).

Review the behaviours being demonstrated and

compare against a defined benchmark.

We then make recommendations on staffing and provide learning and development interventions that solve the issues; we fill any skills gaps with the right resource.

Will this approach work in my organisation?

This approach is beneficial to any organisation looking to increase productivity, collaboration and effectiveness. We are particularly relevant to those businesses that are experiencing some of the traits below:

  • Absenteeism
  • Poor performance
  • Low productivity
  • Poor culture and ethos
  • Line manager frustrations (they might be the problem!)
  • Emotional behaviour
  • Lack of commercial thinking
  • Poor decision making
  • Lack of care or diligence
  • Disagreements and confrontation

Building effective teams – Diagnosis | Insight | Intervention

Discovery’s Team Building is outsourced and, therefore, completely objective and without bias; this is often difficult to achieve if diagnostic activity is undertaken in-house. Team members benefit from going on a journey of self-awareness and positive learning, while taking collaboration and team-work to a new level.

Build your workforce ‘The Discovery Way’.