Graduate Recruitment

Grow your own talent and gain fresh ideas & perspectives through graduate recruitment. Discovery’s graduate recruitment processes do just that. We explore candidates’ abilities, personal values and behaviours to find the right graduates for you. The graduates of today can be your future leaders of tomorrow.

“We recruit between 10-15 graduates each year. Discovery really get under the skin of what a ‘Pernod Ricard UK person’ looks like. Every assessment centre we’ve run together has been so successful and the feedback from candidates so positive that we have never felt the need to look for another recruitment partner.”

Pernod Ricard UK (working together since 2007)

What makes our process different?

We don’t just focus on candidate’s CVs or past experiences; we know that recruiting the right person requires a deeper look, particularly when you’re recruiting relatively inexperienced graduates. Discovery’s graduate recruitment process has multiple evaluation stages so you can be confident that you’re hiring graduates with the stretch and potential to be your future superstars.

Our process is designed to have minimal impact on your business; providing a faster time-to-hire, a better choice of high-quality candidates, objective assessment of candidate capability and minimal impact on key stakeholder’s time.

Discovery’s 5 steps to successful Graduate Recruitment

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Step 1: Understanding what good looks like

Your key stakeholders work with our experts to outline the behaviours, aptitude and values required for the role and how these will align with your business’ culture and strategy so we truly understand the value your new recruits will bring to your business.

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Step 2: Attracting the very best

We use your brief and the benchmark for the role to create an attraction strategy and, using our vast experience, put a campaign together that ensures the widest pool of suitable applicants to choose from.

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Step 3: Discovery’s objective and evidence-based assessments

Over the course of the campaign, our expert consultants use their experience and tools to measure the ability and ‘fit’ of candidates against the role they have applied for. Depending on the campaign, this could include telephone interviews, behavioural profiling and psychometric testing, face-to-face interviews, group tasks and business simulations.

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Step 4: Your personalised assessment centre

Discovery’s Final Stage Assessment Centre is where your key stakeholders have the opportunity to observe and assess candidates for the roles; only the most suitable candidates who have also demonstrated a genuine desire to work for your business will attend this stage.

We build the centre to evidence the capabilities and future stretch of candidates by observing them in action through a series of individual and group tasks such as an analysis and presentation or research task, business simulations and interviews.

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Step 5: Making offers and providing feedback

Having selected your perfect candidates, we manage all of the offers and rejections, provide feedback to all candidates and support your new recruits prior to them joining your business to ensure their experience of the process and their engagement with your business remains high.

We remain at the heart of your business to support you with their on-boarding and early-careers development to ensure your investment in graduates provides a profitable outcome. Many of our clients take advantage of our highly acclaimed graduate development programme, The OPEN Programme, to make the transition as seamless as possible.

Will Graduate Recruitment work for my organisation?

Graduate Recruitment is one very important part of an organisation’s strategy to future-proof their business. Our clients choose Discovery to help them:

  • Create a talent pipeline for the future
  • Provide a solution to hard-to-fill roles caused by skills shortages
  • Grow their own talent and future leaders
  • Provide a fresh approach and embed best-practice

Graduate Recruitment: Attract, Recruit, Develop

Our Graduate Recruitment process is an outsourced solution that gives you the best of both worlds; your key stakeholders remain focused on their key business functions while our experts find the high-quality talent your business requires.

For almost two decades, we have helped some of the UK’s leading companies attract and recruit thousands of outstanding graduates; many of whom have successfully progressed into leadership roles.

Start building your workforce ‘The Discovery Way’, and reap the rewards of high-potential talent.