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Good recruitment is more than sifting through CVs and identifying people with relevant experience; understanding how they are likely to perform in role and their future stretch is paramount. Following ‘The Discovery Way‘ provides you with a shortlist of outstanding candidates; not just those with the required skills for the role, but also those who are the right fit for your team.

Why use Discovery?

Working with Discovery means working with a partner that really cares about your challenges and future goals; we take the time to understand all of this so we can help to take the pain away. Our specialist recruitment team provide a choice of match-fit candidates using a robust process and evidence-based outcomes to provide you with a solution to your challenges.

Our transparency and interactive process will ensure you’re not left in the dark. We aren’t just trying to fill a role; we want to partner with you to find the right, long-term solution. We focus our recruitment processes on finding the best people, ensuring they are a good potential fit and reducing the risk of inappropriate hires; this can’t be achieved by just scrolling databases or screening CVs.

By understanding your company’s commercial ambitions, we can focus our search on finding candidates who meet your objectives & have the required future stretch, as well as ensuring they are aligned to your business strategy, culture and organisational behaviours. All in all, we uncover a more diverse choice of candidates to meet your brief so you have the choice of quality throughout.

Stage 1: Benchmarking – Establishing what good looks like

Working with your key stakeholders we establish the core criteria for how this role fits in with your business strategy, and what optimum performance looks like.

We take a 360 degree view to understand the impact this role has on the inner workings of your business and create a well-informed and balanced benchmark to measure all potential candidates against.

Stage 2: Screening & Searching – Casting the net far and wide

We put together an attraction strategy for the role that is designed to attract talent with the necessary skills and experience. Alongside this, we also take a proactive approach by searching for candidates that match the requirements of the role.

Our knowledge of your business enables us to identify and engage suitable talent across applications and searched candidates.

Stage 3: Selection of the very best

Those in a mid or senior position can have a huge impact on your organisation and the people they work with, so during a recruitment process it’s vital that you have the confidence that nothing is being left to chance. As people progress through their careers, recruitment processes often focus less and less on assessment-based evidence; a good CV and interview or personal recommendation are often seen as enough.

However, we turn this approach on its head; we believe that any person, whether they are destined to be your next CEO or department manager, should undertake a series of assessments and interventions to demonstrate their capability for the role, and more importantly, their behavioural suitability for the company.

A final assessment centre could use a range of interventions: from a series of supported and structured interviews, to an intensive experiential assessment centre, we aim to provide you with the evidence to help you make your decision.

Our assessment centres tend to be the more favoured approach as they are designed to remove any unconscious bias that could result in recruiting based on instinct alone. By providing objective evidence, Discovery helps making all-important decisions easier.


Stage 4: Aptitude Testing & Profiling

At Discovery we are experts in behaviour.  We utilise a range of tools and our understanding of neuroscience & neurobiology to support any hiring decisions. From understanding a candidate’s intellectual capability to their relative pace and alignment to your business, we are able to guide you on how this may impact your business, their long-term predicted behaviours and likely performance in role.


Stage 5: Behavioural Interviewing – not just skills assessment

We understand that a candidate’s capability isn’t the only important factor in a recruitment process; finding someone with the right behaviours for your organisation also determines their success in the role. By benchmarking the role at the beginning, it ensures key stakeholders are aligned on what you’re looking for and means candidates can be interviewed around these behaviours using a series of bespoke interview questions.

Discovery’s tool of choice is at the forefront of three-dimensional, biologically-based profiling, allowing us to not only identify the behaviours that are most appropriate for the role and your business, but we’re also able to identify the ‘magnitude’ of the behaviours and how they may manifest within your business.

By interviewing around a benchmark and the key behaviours for the role, you have the evidence that your new employees are a good match for the role and the wider business.

Will this approach work in my organisation?

Discovery’s approach is beneficial to any organisation looking for mid and senior level employees that will deliver the right results and are capable of being leaders in your business. We can be especially relevant to those business that may:

  • Be going through change (turnaround or  transformation)
  • Have failed to make good hires in the past
  • Need a different leadership approach to match transformational plans
  • Experience hard to fill roles
  • Require international assignments
  • Manage internal applications and require an external perspective

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