The Discovery Way

Isn’t it time that recruitment strategy and training programmes were aligned to long-term business goals?

How often do you find you are recruiting reactively to fill a vacancy or training because of hindsight rather than planning for change? It’s time to develop the workforce fit for your future. ‘The Discovery Way’ can transform your workforce…

The Discovery Way




You might call this good business practice and commercial sense…

We call it ‘The Discovery Way’.

Discovery’s unique approach is changing the way organisations consider their people challenges with the sole focus on workforce optimisation and efficiency, getting the right people, in the right roles, with the right level of skills and the right behaviours so that productivity and growth are achieved whilst reducing the ‘total cost’ of workforce ownership along the way.

It’s a process of analysis, diagnosis, recruitment, development and interventions – using years of experience, neuroscience and technology, we deliver effective Talent Management and business transformation.

Discovery’s approach is different and we believe it is the future of recruitment and development; we help businesses to:

· Move away from reactionary, short-term measures to planned solutions that fix the ‘leaky bucket’
· Achieve the bigger picture result
· Save time, save money & protect the business culture often eroded because of attrition

You might call this good business practice and commercial sense; we call it
‘The Discovery Way’.

What is 'The Discovery Way'?

The approach Discovery takes is to consider the impact of ‘doing or not doing’ and what this could mean for the long term. 

Our job is to ensure your business has the right people, in the right roles so your business can meet your strategic aims and, where possible, reduce the ‘total cost’ of your workforce.

We do this by conducting a diagnostic analysis to objectively understand how roles fit into your business plan.  After getting a clear understanding of your workforce, we then implement objective, capability and stretch-based processes; whether it’s selecting future talent or optimising and developing your current talent.

When you consider the ‘total cost of ownership’ associated with a workforce, recruitment or training fees form part of the cost, but it’s not the entire cost. Other areas are often overlooked because recruitment and training are the most visible and easily calculated costs; typically businesses either don’t know their true people costs or they distil it down to these fees.

Discovery gets to the heart of your business challenges

The Discovery Way

With more objectivity and clarity than most in-house services. We are able to do this due to:

  • Expertise and experience – amongst our three Directors alone we have combined experience and expertise in our field in excess of 50 years
  • We are knowledgeable – we keep up to date with the latest findings & research, market insight and challenges
  • We are able to provide reference points and wider industry knowledge
  • We are able to facilitate the right conversations to get to the answers quickly
  • We know what options are available to address the challenges

There are management consultants who can diagnose the problem, but don’t know or can’t provide the solution.  Equally there are plenty of recruitment or training companies who can provide good solutions, but they ‘react’ to the perceived need rather than taking a diagnostic approach to find the root cause.

Discovery does both.

We are the only recruitment and training provider in the UK to offer an outsourced talent management process that delivers the right people in the right role at the right time through a bespoke, scientific, ‘customer first’ approach – every time.

Build your workforce ‘The Discovery Way’.