Our Story

We’re Discovery and we are changing the way companies recruit and develop people.

In a highly disruptive economy and an extremely competitive job market, it’s our belief that businesses need to take new approaches to building their workforce.

We believe this new approach is ‘The Discovery Way’.

‘The Discovery Way’ philosophy makes us different to your average recruitment or training company: our audience comprises of long-term thinkers who are seeking to realise the full potential of their business and employees by looking at the complete ‘business ecosystem’ and not reacting to short-term events.

Our approach to long-term success is to understand the stresses and strains on a business that cause attrition, under performance, disengagement, culture erosion – all things that impact on business success, employee well-being and, ultimately, profits.

This approach stems from the Discovery founders’ many years of experience in the recruitment, training and performance improvement arena, and their passion & desire to do things better.

Experience has taught us that recruitment and training are better when approached together rather than in isolation: often, an identified need for recruitment or training can be symptomatic of wider needs across a business. Our diagnostic approach involves exploring all possible options with our clients to ensure we find the root cause before we implement a ‘surface lead’ solution.

Through mutual honesty, openness and high-quality results we build long-term relationships with our clients. Our first step isn’t to take a brief; we get to know you, our client, and truly understand your business. This is the diagnostic stage in our process – you’ve identified a recruitment or training need in your organisation, and working as your trusted partner, we use our expertise and unique tools to ensure this is the right long-term solution for you. Using the experience and skills of our team we can recruit and train individuals that are the right fit for your organisation, both now and for the future. All of our processes include objectivity, a focus on ‘what good looks like’ for your organisation and evidence of candidate or delegate capability. Discovery is changing the face of recruitment and training helping progressive organisations to reimagine their workforce, ‘The Discovery Way’.

Our mission

We want to change the face of recruitment and development to improve businesses’ performance, future-proof talent and enhance the lives of workforces.

Our difference

We are the only recruitment and training provider in the UK to offer an outsourced talent management process that delivers the right people in the right role at the right time through a bespoke, scientific, ‘customer first’ approach, every time.

Our promise

We promise to always do the right thing for your organisation and make it easy to deal with us to help you to achieve the best workforce for your business.

Our values

Being Genuinely Curious: We’ll discover the heart of your business challenge by really understanding your world.

Getting It Right First Time: We’ll address the root cause of your issues, no quick-fix, short-term solutions.

Always Challenging The Standard: We’ll exceed your expectations, this is what good looks like.

Taking Charge Of The Future: We set big goals and have the internal drive to achieve them.